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Senior Pictures - Frequently-asked Questions

Stefanos - Avon Lake, OH

How much do senior pictures cost?

The price for senior pictures in Cleveland, OH can range from $200 to over $1,000. While this might seem like a very wide range, pricing is based on a number of elements:

  • The photographer's time spent before the shoot:

    • Time spent getting to know the senior's personality, style, and interests​

    • Idea brainstorming for how to best represent each senior's uniqueness in the images

    • Creation of a 'mood board' or list of creative ideas for styling & location(s)

  • The length of the shoot, which includes:

    • Number of outfit changes​

    • Number of locations

    • Travel time of the photographer to desired location(s)

  • The photographer's time spent editing after the shoot:

    • How many "finished" edited images are included​

    • The photographer's editing style & level of detail

  • The experience and popularity of the photographer


When should you get senior pictures taken?

While there’s no “right” time to get senior photos taken, many incoming seniors start thinking about doing their senior pictures session during the spring of their Junior year. This allows for a flexibility when it comes to getting outdoor photos during the summer months and provides a nice buffer to get edited photos back before any yearbook deadlines.  If you don't have yearbook deadlines, you can get your senior photos any time during your senior year - or even at multiple times during the year if your photographer allows.  A winter shoot in the snow plus some in-studio shots can be just as much fun as a summer beach session!  If a spring sport is an important part of your senior year, maybe waiting until spring is best ... when you can be captured in your uniform and with any medals or awards you've won during the season.  Or maybe you want some images in your college logo swag after you've made a commitment to a specific school.  Whatever your situation, contacting your photographer sooner than later is best in order to make a plan -- coming up with ideas that best represent you, and the best timing for when to shoot them.

What should I wear for senior pictures?

Your school may have dress code requirements for your photo in the yearbook, but the rest is up to you. To get the best photos, you’ll want to be comfortable, so wear something that fits your style. If going shopping for new clothes gets you excited, do it! But if you’ve got a favorite outfit or feel more comfortable in your worn in Converses, that’s great too.

If you’re getting studio shots taken, talk to me about what you’d like to wear. That will help me select backgrounds and props that work well with your look. And if you’re an athlete or have a hobby that you’d like to feature in your photos, don’t forget the accessories – like your helmet, ballet shoes, or lacrosse stick – that complete the look.

Why do I need a professional photographer for my senior photos?

The crux of feeling great is looking great, and that’s what my role as a professional photographer is - to make sure you feel and look comfortable in front of the camera. You’re an individual. It’s all the little details, posing, wardrobe guidance and (optional) professional makeup that come together to give you those great images. Plus, the work of a professional photographer doesn’t stop when the shoot is over. Great shots are made even better with proper photo editing that brings out the fall colors, gets rid of blemishes, or cleans up a busy background so the focus is on you.

Should I have my hair and makeup professionally done for my senior pictures?

That’s totally up to you. The most important thing is for you to feel good in front of the camera. If having your hair and makeup done is going to help your confidence – book those appointments! If it’s not, skip it.

Whether you’re having your makeup done professionally or doing it on your own, it’s important to know that your regular every day look may not show up well on camera as the lighting can sometimes wash you out a bit. Don’t be afraid to be a little more heavy handed with your makeup choices on the day of your shoot – but don’t stress about it, professional photographers are photo editing experts.

Morgan - In-studio Senior Session - Twinsburg, OH
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