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Family Photography

I think a great portrait is much more than just an image of the subject's outward appearance.  It tells a story.  It provides a tiny glimpse into one's personality, life, and character at a fleeting moment in time.  My job as a photographer is to understand what story a client wants to tell - and through creative use of camera skill, lighting, surroundings, posing, and post-processing, be that storyteller for the client through my images.  For yourself, your family, your children, your corporate life, your hobbies... What story do you want to tell together?  Contact me to get the conversation started.

Family Photo Session - Peninsula, OH

"We had a great experience, Justin really helped our wild crew of 6 get some good shots! The kids were so rambunctious I thought none would turn out but he snapped several gorgeous photos in this cute winter theme. We were so pleased!!! Thanks again!!!"

Judith M.

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